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LJ Star Showcases Newest Products at Virtual PackExpo 2020 Event

Posted on October 26, 2020 by LJ Star

We’re all living through new experiences these days, and “attending” virtual trade shows is one of them. While we’ll miss seeing everyone in person at PackExpo 2020, LJ Star is preparing a wide range of demos and product highlights to feature our newest products.

Our entire line of sight windows, LED lighting and sanitary clamps will be “on display” at this year’s Virtual PackExpo, November 9-13. You’ll be able to see our products, videos and even talk with our applications specialists about your specific facility.

  • MetaPlex® polymer sanitary ports, ideal for food/bev/pharma environments where glass isn’t preferred
  • Lumiglas® High Lumens Lighting, UL Listed explosion proof and non-explosion proof designs. The compact LED lights offer longer life, lower costs and the brightest viewing option for seeing into processing tanks/vessels
  • Clamp Type Sterile Visual Flow Indicator, a unique patent-pending design created specifically to minimize the risk of contamination in your process lines
  • METAGLAS® borosilicate sight glasses, the world’s #1 selling fused sight glass
  • A wide variety of sanitary clamps and fittings

We’re planning two live 15-minute demos during the PackExpo 2020 event, so visit the site to add these to your calendar:

  • Monday, November 9 2:15 CENTRAL: How to Spec the Right Sight Glass and Hygienic Clamps
  • Tuesday, November 10 2:45 CENTRAL: How to Spec the Right Vessel Lighting and Camera

No need to wait for the show to start. Click here to visit our showroom or schedule an appointment.

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