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Posted on March 10, 2021 by LJ Star in Blog

In process industries ranging from industrial, chemical, food/beverage or pharmaceuticals, it’s essential that products are processed in the safest environment possible in order to

comply with a wide variety of regulations.  Lighting plays a critical role to safety, of course.  In order to see critical processes inside your tanks and vessels, you need the most reliable lighting available. And reliability certainly begins with availability – if you can’t find new halogen bulbs to replace your existing halogens, it’s lights out for your process.

Posted on August 13, 2020 by LJ Star in Blog

Many processes take place in hazardous environments where explosive conditions may be present. For

these applications, LED sight glass lights for explosion-proof lighting combines safe interior illumination and glare-free viewing.

Posted on April 07, 2020 by LJ Star in Blog

Sanitary fittings – also called hygienic fittings – can keep your systems locked down and clean while providing a quick disconnect for faster disassembly and maintenance. However, sanitary fittings and system connections must be properly installed and maintained in order to keep your systems clean, efficient and safe. 

Posted on February 07, 2020 by LJ Star in Blog

Sanitary sight glasses allow engineers, plant managers, and technicians alike to look inside their equipment without contaminating their systems. Through superior hygienic designs, these types of sight glasses have no crevices or intrusive gaps that could harbor harmful bacteria 

Posted on January 16, 2020 by LJ Star in Blog

Sanitary fittings, also known as sanitary clamps or hygienic clamps, are clamping devices used to seal two ferrules together in a manner that meets the high hygienic standards of regulatory agenciesOften quick to install, these fittings create secure connections between your equipment without creating sites that can harbor bacteria.  

Posted on December 20, 2019 by LJ Star in Blog

Undiffused light can reveal a large number of surface imperfections in stainless steel products that diffused light does not. By analyzing these differences, diffused light has been found to have less variability in the intensity of reflected light, making it ideal for sight-based applications. If you’re using a sight glass to monitor your tanks or systems, you’re going to want to work with diffused light.

Posted on December 20, 2019 by LJ Star in Blog
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Since the interior of your vessels and pipelines are often too dark for you to see through a sight glass, exterior lighting must be used to illuminate the important stages of your systems. Typical flashlights aren’t powerful enough and often create distracting glares on the sight glass. That’s why mounting lights, or luminaires, must be affixed to your equipment if you want to accurately look through a sight glass and monitor your systems.

Posted on December 20, 2019 by LJ Star in Blog

Mounting lights, or “luminaires”, are required in most sight glass applications in order for operators to be able to accurately see what’s going on inside a vessel or pipeline. Where flashlights and other commercial lighting solutions fail, industry-grade mounted lights can provide direct, high-powered illumination that can light up even the darkest environments.  

Posted on November 12, 2019 by LJ Star in Blog

Explosion-proof light
Explosion-proof process lighting solutions for industrial applications allow illumination in hazardous facility areas. Also referred to as EX lights, explosion-proof lights are suitable for illuminating processes in hazardous locations where combustible gases or vapors may be present, such as a critical processing line, pipeline, or vessel.

Posted on November 04, 2019 by LJ Star in Blog

Beer is one of the oldest and the most largely consumed alcoholic beverages in the world.  This all-time favorite brew has been a staple at sporting events, social gatherings, and family barbecues for generations.  During the past few years, craft beers have created quite a buzz among younger consumers seeking a more unique palette than their parents’ traditional beer.  Craft breweries have experienced unprecedented growth by bringing an almost endless variety of beer styles to the market.  In fact, the overall global beer market is expected to reach $685 billion by 2025.

Posted on May 04, 2018 by LJ Star in Blog

A “Light” Recipe for Craft Brewing Success

Halogen lamps were once the standard choice for craft brewers’ vessel sight glass lighting. However, a new generation of LED luminaires is growing in popularity for this application. Consider these questions to decide whether it’s time for your brewery to invest in making the switch to LEDs.

Posted on July 25, 2017 by LJ Star in Blog

The many ratings and standards bodies can be a confusing alphabet soup of acronyms… ATEX, UL, NEC, IEC, IP and NEMA. When is ATEX the right one?
If you are considering an ATEX explosion-proof light for your sight glass, then you already know that a light with an ATEX rating will be safe to operate in a potentially explosive atmosphere.

First, forget about IP and NEMA ratings. Those define housings. For example,