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Sight glass with light shining on itProviding high-strength, quality sight glass products is the heart of LJ Star’s business. We supply a variety of sight windows and ports with borosilicate or soda-lime glass. Our product line includes METAGLAS® fused sight glasses, the #1 selling fused sight glass, proven in thousands of installations around the world.

At LJ Star, we understand the importance of sight glass products for your process equipment. They provide a visual inspection of industrial and pharmaceutical processes and are often used in conjunction with lights that illuminate tank and pipe interiors.

Glass is often the weakest link in any process, but because the observation of interiors of vessels and pipelines is necessary, the glass cannot be eliminated. Sight glasses are highly engineered products. Although brands look alike, differences in their specs have tremendous importance for worker safety, sterile processes, and maintenance costs.

METAGLAS, the ultimate in sight window safety, is made by fusing pure borosilicate glass within stainless steel rings. The result are sight glasses that have been described as having the transparency of glass with the strength of steel. Proven in thousands of installations, METAGLAS is the #1 selling sight glasses.

LJ Star will always provide third-party documentation of standards compliance, and product performance claims.