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Magnetic Liquid Level Gauge, Flag or Follower Type

Weld-On Magnetic Liquid Level Gauge for Sight Indication

Our weld-on and magnetic level gauges provide an accurate and safe measurement of fluid levels in boilers, tanks, process vessels and pipelines.

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L.J. Star’s weld-on and magnetic level gauges provide safe and accurate sight indication of fluid levels in a tank, process vessel or boiler.

The advanced non-intrusive design of the MagnaStar™ magnetic level gauge provides accurate level readings while protecting operators from high pressure and/or high temperature fluids. More than a safety device, the MagnaStar’s rugged design also minimizes operating costs by eliminating downtime due to leaks or required maintenance.

The MagnaStar™ level gauge has no glass tube to replace or multiple gaskets to maintain. The two-color indicator, easily read from a distance, is mounted on the chamber but completely isolated from the process fluid. The indicator magnetically locks onto the position of the float inside the sealed chamber, moving up and down as the position of the float changes, which provides an accurate real-time indication of the liquid level inside the tank.

The indicator is magnetically stabilized to further ensure accurate level readings regardless of vibration or shock.

Our durable Rectangular Weld-On for level indication is welded into a vessel or a pipeline to provide either flow or level indication.

The gauge is available in carbon steel, stainless steel and special alloys, in either obround or rectangular visible glass fittings. Custom gauge designs are also available.

Trust L.J. Star’s process observation equipment and technology expertise to provide you with the right level gauge to suit your application.