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Industrial Bolt-On Sight Glass Assembly

Our sight glass is ready for installation on existing ANSI or DIN standard flanges. This bolt-on sight glass unit consists of a base with a raised face flange to fit standard ANSI Class 150 flange nozzles. Sizes range from 2 to 8″ and all conform to ASTM standards. The glass disc, either borosilicate or quartz, is clamped in place by a gasketed glass retainer held by threaded bolts.

For added safety, use a METAGLAS Safety Sight Glass disc in place of the conventional glass. Other options include lights, such as the LumiStar1000Wiper Type I, and a spray ring.

This L.J. Star product carries Canadian Registration Number (CRN) registration.

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Bolt-On Sight Windows fit a standard ANSI Class 150 flange nozzle. Standard sizes range from 2″ to 8″.

Materials of Construction

  • Standard alloys – 316 stainless steel; carbon steel
  • Standard gasket materials Gylon 3504
  • Standard Window Material Tempered borosilicate glass
  • Units Full ANSI Rated
  • Models available with METAGLAS® option for high pressure
  • PFA lining available for added corrosion resistance
  • Optional glass protection shields
  • Mica and FEP

Bolt On Sight Window


Pipe Size DimensionA           B           C Approx. Wt. (Lbs.) Working Pressure (Psi.)
2” 6” 2” 2-1⁄8” 7 150
3” 71⁄2” 3-1⁄16” 2-1⁄2” 13 150
4” 9” 4-1⁄16” 2-3⁄8” 18 150
6” 11” 6-1⁄16” 2-15⁄16” 27 150
8” 13-1/2” 8-1⁄16” 3-15⁄16” 43 150

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