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LJ Star Visual Flow Indicator Wins “Breakthrough” Products Award

Posted on January 26, 2021 by LJ Star

Twinsburg, OH – January 26, 2021 – LJ Star (www.ljstar.com) announces that its patent-pending Clamp Type Sterile Visual Flow Indicator, or CT-SVFI, was awarded one of Processing Magazine’s 2020 Breakthrough Products Awards.

Processing’s annual Breakthrough Products Awards showcase innovate technologies that improve operations in the processing industry. Each year the magazine selects the 10 most significant product developments in the industry, recognized for helping end users better manage tough processing environments, achieve regulatory compliance, reduce unplanned downtime and drive overall profitability.
The LJ Star CT-SVFI helps to drive innovation in the processing space through better contamination control, lower maintenance costs, and faster, more efficient installation.
Designed for sterile applications, the CT-SVFI is secured by sanitary clamps in order to provide a more hygienic approach compared to conventional screwed or threaded designs. The design of the CT-SVFI prevents any o-ring warping and over or under compression associated with threaded assemblies, which is a leading cause of process contamination. The CT-SVFI’s metal-to-metal clamp design applies controlled o-ring compression to the gasket, eliminating o-ring warping, intrusions and crevices that can trap bacteria and other harmful contaminants.
Along with a lower risk of contamination build-up, the engineering-optimized design offers easier assembly and disassembly compared to other products by eliminating the need for additional tools or specialized installation equipment.
The CT-SVFI also has the largest possible viewing area in its class, while still maintaining its structural and mechanical integrity. Compared to standard visual flow indicators, the CT-SVFI offers an increased viewing area of up to 34%.
Full product specifications, further details and third-party documentation of standards compliance and product performance are available at www.ljstar.com, via email at info@ljstar.com or by calling 330-405-3040.