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Lighting for Your Sight Glass-LED Sight Glass Lights

Posted on August 13, 2020 by LJ Star

Many processes take place in hazardous environments where explosive conditions may be present. For

these applications, LED sight glass lights for explosion-proof lighting combines safe interior illumination and glare-free viewing.

On a street corner or in a processing facility, sufficient light makes all the difference in spotting what you

LED sight glass light

need to find. The interiors of vessels and pipelines are typically far too dark to allow operators to observe important stages of their process readily through a sight glass. Flashlights usually don’t cast enough light and often produce glare, complicating the inspection process. Luminaires mounted onto sight glasses offer a more effective solution.

There is a wide variety of explosion-proof sight glass lights to choose from. When choosing LED sight glass lights for a specific application, consider factors like the type of technology, size, weight, voltage, wattage, materials of construction, mounting configuration, and light pattern. You may also want to consider energy consumption, location requirements, heat output, ambient conditions, and vibration. Taking these factors into account, you will be choosing the best sight glass light for your application.

The “Understanding and Specifying Sight Glass Lighting” handbook addresses these considerations to help specifiers choose the most appropriate lighting solution for the application. Download your free copy today!

LED lights for sight glasses handbook