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Sight Glass Maintenance Tips

Posted on January 13, 2016 by LJ Star

Sight Glass Maintenance Tips from L.J. Star Incorporated

The temperatures are warming up, flowers are blooming and spring is thankfully here!  Along with the warmer weather comes the annual task of Spring cleaning –  you know, the time to make your windows sparkle again, dust out all the cobwebs, assess any of winter’s damage or just clear out the clutter.   Believe it or not there are benefits of a good cleaning – that sense of accomplishment (I love crossing things off my list!), getting rid of the dirt and dust that has collected over time and finally making those repairs before it’s too late. Leaving things unchecked or worse ignored can lead to bigger and messier problems.  This holds true for maintaining your sight glasses.

Like anything else maintenance is important in keeping your equipment up and running and carefully inspecting your sight glass/port on a regular basis is key.  Periodic maintenance and inspection is recommended to make sure your unit is in proper working order.
  • The use of personal safety apparatus during maintenance is highly recommended.  This includes but is not limited to eye and skin protection. Failure to do so could result in personal injury.

Your sight glass maintenance procedure should include the following activities.

Sight Glass Inspection & Maintenance Checklist 

  • Check the sight window for signs of damage or wear; look for evidence of scratches, etching, clouding or any other physical damage.

o To help detect problems use a concentrated light at a 45° angle to the surface of the sight window.  Damaged areas will glisten more brightly than the surrounding surface.
o Do not proceed with any maintenance if the Sight Glass/Port is still at operating pressure or temperature.
o Relieve the unit of pressure, allow it to reach ambient temperature and purge it of all fluids.
o Failure to do so could result in personal injury or property damage.

  •  Clean the surface of your sight glass by using standard commercial glass cleaner and a soft cloth.
  • Never use an abrasive material, wire brush or scraper.
  • Check the Sight Port for signs of leaks at gaskets or welds.

o If leaks are detected remove the unit from service immediately.
o Once the gauge has reached ambient pressure and temperature verify the torque value on the nuts. If the torque is correct, replace the gaskets.

  • Check the Sight Port for signs of internal or external corrosion.

o If corrosion is detected the Sight Port should be removed from service and the material compatibility investigated by the end user.

  • Check bolt torque values.

If damage to the sight port is discovered during your inspection, it will be weaker and more susceptible to breakage.  Contact your local rep to replace broken or impaired sight glasses and gaskets.

By implementing a plan for preventive maintenance of sight glasses or ports, problems are recognized earlier and the chance of an emergency breakdown is reduced.   So get out there! Inspect your sight glasses because to be the best you have to see the best!  – Happy Spring (cleaning)!