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LJ Star Launches New Brand Identity To Reflect Future Growth

Posted on December 1, 2020 by LJ Star

As part of the company’s vision for the future, executives recognized that LJ Star had markedly changed from its historical beginnings in the market. LJ Star began in 1991 as a single-product distributor and has expanded its portfolio to become a multi-solution manufacturer of its own products, requiring that it change how it was positioned.

“The process industry today includes some of the most dynamic and complex manufacturing systems in the world,” said company CEO David Star. “Whether it’s producing chemicals we rely upon, the food we consume, or pharmaceuticals that affect our health, process systems today require precision, reliability and dependability.

“There’s no room for error in our customers’ facilities – and they require the same rigorous quality standards of their suppliers. As part of the process industry ecosystem, LJ Star’s unique process observation technologies, from sight ports to vessel lighting to hygienic clamps, provide our customers with the innovation and clear vision they demand for precision control of their operations,” he explained.

Star said the new brand was created to communicate a variety of concepts. Its products literally help its customers see better, with clear borosilicate glass-based sight windows that don’t leach or turn cloudy, to lights that illuminate dark vessels, to sight flow indicators that allow inspection of process flow guard against contamination. The brand communicates around a circular “eye” that connects to the clarity, quality and higher performance it provides customers. In addition, the circular icon symbolizes the closed-loop process common to most processing operations.

The color theory behind the blue color palette, meant to evoke feelings connected to blue-water freshness, was specifically chosen to communicate freshness, environmental sustainability and purity.

“As a customer-driven organization, it’s critical that we present ourselves as a reliable provider of safe, quality products they can build their processes around,” said Star. “Our new brand positions LJ Star alongside our customers’ own values of integrity and innovation, aligning with the way they serve their customers, employees and community stakeholders.”

View the new LJ Star brand video here.