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It is important to consider the effects of chemicals on sight glass. L.J. Star’s sight glasses meet stringent quality standards for chemical applications.

LJ Star sight glass windows meet chemical industry challenges

The chemical and petrochemical industries typically pose application challenges involving high temperature, high pressure and caustic substances that can strain the limits of ordinary sight glass windows. In addition, unforeseen variables can increase stress. However, process compatibility that guides material selection, alongside high-quality standards, can create sight observation windows that can withstand these stressors to supply desired strength, safety and service life. LJ Star specializes in providing customized options for customers around the globe that meet the diverse needs demanded by chemical processing and petrochemical applications.

More than any other factor, process compatibility dictates material choices for equipment servicing the chemical processing industry. Chemical processing is a broad term that refers to hundreds of manufacturers with thousands of chemical compositions, mixtures and applications. Each demands a unique approach to ensure worker safety and optimize LS����