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It is important to consider the effects of chemicals on sight glass. L.J. Star’s sight glasses meet stringent quality standards for chemical applications.

Chemical sight glasses and sight flow indicators provide a window into chemical processing and petrochemical processing. Chemical sight glass (also called sight windows) as well as sight flow indicators are found on a variety of process equipment including reactors, dryers, agitators, purification systems, separators, evaporators, ASME pressure vessels, furnaces, and feed tanks.

Many industrial processes involve heat, pressure, and corrosive process materials. In addition, they demand high-reliability. That’s why LJ Star’s METAGLAS® fused-glass sight glasses are valued for their extreme strength and long service. They use a special formulation of glass that is more resistant than ordinary glass to chemical corrosion and physical erosion.

LJ Star products used in chemical and hydrocarbon processing equipment include sight glass windows, sight flow indicators, level indicators, gauge glass, ex lights, non-ex lights and camera systems.

The castings for LJ Star’s flow indicators are produced in the U.S., ensuring a fast delivery time for North American customers and a high-quality product.

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