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The same commitment to quality the L.J. Star name is known for is now available for all your replacement gauge glass and accessories. L.J. Star replacement borosilicate gauge glass is manufactured exclusively to MIL G 16356-D standards. Gauge glass sizes 1 through 9 are stocked and available for immediate delivery with other sizes available upon request.

MAXOS® Gauge Glass

MAXOS® Glass provides better visual clarity, greater chemical and thermal shock resistance, and higher pressure safety factors and is the only gauge glass specifically manufactured for Mil-Spec.

L. J. Star’s direct partnership with MAXOS® Glass provides better technical support, custom solutions and customer support. The new state-of-the-art production facility allows for better quality control, which results in the highest quality available. The new equipment allows for eight times tighter tolerances than the Military Specification requires, resulting in greater pressure capabilities and safety.

Gauge Glass Gaskets

Gauge glass gaskets re available for the full glass sizes 1 through 9. The most common gasket materials – Non-Asbestos, Gylon®, and Graphite – are in stock for immediate delivery.

Shields may be incorporated for extreme applications where the fluid is erosive or corrosive to the gauge glass. The most common shields used in these applications are mica gauge glass shields and PCTFE gauge glass shields (Kel-F®).

Applications of Gauge Glass

The primary use of gauge glass, like our MIL G 16356-D standard MAXOS® gauge glass, is for visual process observation in various manufacturing settings. It is widely used in chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, and food & beverage industries to observe fluid levels in boilers, tanks, and vessels. Due to its high pressure capabilities, enhanced safety factors, and outstanding chemical and thermal shock resistance, it is critical to maintaining efficient and safe operations.

L.J. Star is the industry expert in process observation equipment and technology, including a full line of replacement gauge glass and accessories.