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Magnetic Liquid Level Gauges (Flag or Follower Type) & Armored Level Gauges

Our magnetic level gauges and glass weld-on level gauges provide a simple, precise, and reliable indication of fluid levels in boilers, tanks, and process vessels.

Magnetic Level Gauge Functionality

Magnetic level gauges function through a unique principle that utilizes magnets’ attraction and repulsion properties. The basic components of a magnetic level gauge include a float containing magnets and a visual indicator which is a sealed, non-magnetic chamber containing a series of small, brightly colored magnetic flags. The float, which is situated within the tank or vessel, moves vertically as the fluid level rises or falls.

As the float moves, the magnets within it also move, causing a change in the magnetic field. This change in magnetic field triggers the small magnetic flags within the visual indicator to rotate, thereby changing their color. By linking the float’s vertical position to the change in color of the flags, operators can readily and accurately identify the fluid level within the tank or vessel.

Advantages of a Magnetic Level Gauge

Magnetic level gauges provide numerous advantages over traditional sight glass gauges, many of which can greatly enhance safety, accuracy, and efficiency in various industrial settings.

  1. Safety: Magnetic level gauges protect operators from high-pressure and/or high temperature fluids.
  2. Accuracy and Reliability: Using magnetic fields ensures consistent and accurate readings, as they are not subject to errors caused by refractive index changes, lighting conditions, or fluid color and clarity.
  3. Versatility: These gauges are suitable for high-pressure and high-temperature applications and for measuring levels of corrosive and hazardous fluids.
  4. Longevity: With fewer moving parts and no glass components, magnetic level gauges typically offer greater longevity, reducing maintenance costs and the need for replacements.

By adopting magnetic level gauges like those offered by L.J. Star, industries can significantly improve their process observation and control, enhancing overall operational efficiency and safety.