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Many applications use cameras to remotely observe the interiors of tanks, vessels, and reactors. L.J. Star video camera systems are easy to install on sight ports. They may also be used to monitor areas at a distance.

For live, remote process observation viewing inside a vessel, tank or reactor, the easy-mount Sight Glass Video Camera from L.J. Star combines high performance video imaging capability with unparalleled durability. The process vessel cameras can be used to monitor cleaning, spray patterns, mixing, foaming, reactions and level in non-hazardous areas. An operator can safely and efficiently exercise remote visual control over a process, whether the application entails one vessel or a number of vessels.

Compact and lightweight, the camera can be mounted onto virtually any existing sight glass port or sterile connection, and is available in black & white or color versions, with resolutions up to 450 TV lines. The addition of a standard video recorder makes it possible to create visual, real-time records of these processes.

The Lumiglas® VISULEX Ex Camera System affords inspection and long-range observation of technical processes primarily in hazardous locations with optimal cost-effectiveness. The permanent availability of visual process data in a central control room saves considerable expenses such as work and travel time. Physical visits to critical production areas or external facilities are no longer required, contributing to plant safety.

Visual process data is displayed for monitoring, evaluation or additional processing, either shown on a terminal screen or stored in a PC, thus allowing tracking of the entire process flow.

Similar to the internationally renowned Lumiglas luminaires, the process vessel camera system can be attached to a sight glass fitting using a hinged bracket. If the standard illumination of the process is not sufficient, an additional Lumiglas luminaire can be attached if fitting allows.