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Advisory: Processing Plants Report Unsafe Glass From Asian Suppliers

Posted on November 12, 2019 by LJ Star

We have recently learned that inferior gauge glass, with a historically common industry name, from an overseas supplier has entered the North American market and does not meet accepted standards of safety and performance.

This manufacturer is making claims that the glass provided meets DIN 7081 standards and consists of borosilicate glass, and chemical analysis of their material at a certified lab reveals neither is the case. While they are presenting their material as equivalent to our MAXOS® gauge glass, this is not the case and therefore is a serious safety concern for you to be aware of.

Further testing revealed the glass counterfeits were unable to meet required threshold values for pressure and tension performance, raising questions about whether the glass is actually borosilicate, as claimed, or just soda lime glass.

If you have any concerns, please contact your L.J. Star representative for more details, or for a copy of the complete laboratory test reports we have on hand. In addition, we can trace the six-digit number that appears on the side of our MAXOS gauge glass to confirm authenticity.

Please take care in purchasing replacement gauge glass only from a reputable source where the quality of the glass can be confirmed. L.J. Star sources its glass only from the original manufacturer, in order to provide traceability to a safe and quality product.

Be sure to look for MAXOS gauge glass with the six-digit authentication code