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2019 Flow Control Innovation Awards Nominee

Posted on May 30, 2019 by LJ Star

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We’re so excited to announce that the LumiFlo® LED light has been nominated for a 2019 Flow Control Innovation Award.

TheLumiFlo® LED Light is a first-to-market, exclusive patent pending LJ Star product that is designed to improve the lighting of full view sight flow indicators in process fluid lines.  It easily attaches to most inline full view sight flow indicators in process fluid lines, allowing operators to clearly see color, flow and particles moving through the sight glass in order to visually inspect product quality, clarity, viscosity and consistency.

Vote – Flow Control Innovation Awards

The LumiFlo® is a tremendous product innovation, but we can’t win without YOU! Don’t miss the chance to cast your vote in the Flow Control Innovation Awards.  It’s quick and easy to do online.  No long waiting lines, no propaganda and no hanging chads.

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TheLumiFlo® LED uses highly reliable, long-life LEDs for the perfect amount of light and optimal color temperature for a clear view of processes in the brewery, chemical, pharmaceutical, biotech and food and beverage processing industries​.  It is extremely adaptable, innovative and affordable for the customer. ​


  • Exclusive LJ Star technology – the first of its kind​
  • LED tube provides perfect color temperature light output to identify actual flow colors, with 98% Color Rendering Index (CRI)
  • Operating voltage:  24VDC with M12 connection​
  • Watertight seal for external Clean-in-Place wash-down maintenance​
  • The LumiFlo® uses an FDA compliant silicone enclosure made with environmentally friendly material. It is designed to prevent yellowing, microbial and mildew growth of the silicone using nano material additives.
  • Safer to use than previous options​


    • Easily attaches to most inline full view sight flow indicators in process fluid lines​
    • Hands-free lighting​
    • Securely attaches under sight flow indicator thru-bolts without the use of additional fasteners​
    • Easy installation and replacement ​
    • No need to modify or disassemble sight glass for installation​
  • Optional battery pack delivers several hours of power for remote hard to wire locations​


  • Value Price Point for easy budget approval​
  • Improved lighting provides optimal process visibility​
  • Designed to provide high user value at low cost, no modification required to sight flow

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