Fused Sight Glass Assembly

Sight Glass With Metaglas® For Reactors

Extremely durable sight glass constructed of Soda Lime and fused with a glass coated metal frame that provides rigidity to prevent breakage.

Mechanically pre-stressed sight glasses are now available with glass coated metal, allowing no metal exposed to the product. Constructed of glass fused with a dimensionally adapted glass coated metal frame-ring, this safety sight glass constitutes an alternative to conventionally annealed or thermally pre-stressed (tempered) glass discs.

A principal advantage of this sight glass lies in the fact that the possibility of a sudden, unexpected rupture is totally excluded, and any crack that might develop, at worst, may slightly affect visibility. In addition to the unsurpassed pressure and impact resistance of this sight glass, the metal frame provides rigidity to prevent breakage in the event of uneven bolt tightening during installation.

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