Sight Flow Indicators

We offer sight flow indicators for industrial, sterile and hygienic applications. Choose from standard view and full-view flow indicators.



A flow indicator is used to measure the flow of liquid, powder or gas through pipelines. Because most applications that run through pipelines require visual inspection at some point in the piping system, visual flow indicators are used in line. L.J. Star supplies different varieties of inline sight glasses that are available for all industries.

Our flow indicators meet or exceed pressure and temperature ratings, which vary depending upon the sight glass design. Materials of construction used in the sight glass must also be suitable for specific processes, as well as the metals, gaskets, and glass used in a flow indicator. View options include standard inline and full 360° views.

ANSI flange and NPT type connection visual flow indicators are available in many different materials – carbon steel, stainless steel, hastelloy, monel and those with a Teflon® lining. They are the best design available, made of investment cast bodies with independently bolted retainers to ease any routine maintenance an increase safety.

Hygienic Flow Indicator Products

For hygienic or sterile flow indicators, L.J. Star supplies a variety of sterile designs, ranging from our sanitary visual flow indicator that utilizes the Metaglas® safety sight window technology, to other hygienic and sterile flow indicators.

L.J. Star offers a full line of visual flow indicators, replacement parts, and accessories. When it comes to these and other process observation equipment and technology, we provide peace of mind that safety is the driving factor behind our product line.

Featured Product

LumiStar3000 is the world’s brightest sight glass luminaire: LED luminaire is four times brighter than a typical sight glass light, offering an unprecedented view of processes.

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