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Teflon-Lined Industrial Sight Flow Indicator For Corrosive Chemicals

Teflon-Lined Flow Indicators for Corrosive Chemicals

When dealing with corrosive chemicals, use L.J. Star’s Teflon-lined flow indicator to prevent damage and unneeded wear. Learn more about our sight flow products.

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A flow indicator designed to handle a wide variety of common corrosive chemicals, the new lined L.J. Star sight flow indicators are offered in both Teflon® PFA and Tefzel® models. These new flanged units provide clear viewing even at high pressures, and at temperatures up to 500°. Also, for particularly demanding applications, glass shields of FEP®, KEL-F® or mica are available.

Seven sizes of these new lined sight flow indicators are available, ranging from 1 inch to 8 inches. A user can select either 150 psi or 300 psi versions, and models that incorporate drip tube or flutter flow indicators. Most models feature ultra-sturdy investment cast bodies fitted with independently bolted glass retainers, depending on size. For added safety, view-through units are available with METAGLAS® lenses.