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Standard Inline Flow-Indicator Sight Glass with Threaded Connection

The most common style of flow indicator for industrial application allows visual observation of process flow through a pair of sight glasses mounted on a casted metal body.

This L.J. Star product carries Canadian Registration Number (CRN) registration.

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All standard threaded models in the L.J. Star Incorporated line of sight flow indicators carry full ANSI rating and are available in several applications- specific configurations. ANSI designed for 150# or 300# service, threaded units are available in sizes from 1/2” to 2”.

Indicator Types

  • Plain Style – installed in any position
  • Drip Tube Style – well suited for vertical lines with downward flow direction.
  • Flapper Style – monitoring either horizontal or vertical lines with upward
  • Rotator Style – may be installed in any position to indicate flow in any direction.
  • Full ANSI Class Rating


  • Standard alloys
  • 316 Stainless Steel; Carbon Steel
  • Standard gasket materials
  • Neoprene; Gylon®
  • Tempered borosilicate glass
  • Investment cast surface finish
  • In-stock delivery

150 psi Standard Threaded Model


Pipe SizeDimensionA                  B                  CApprox. Wt. (Lbs.)


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