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Full View Sanitary Sight Flow Indicator (360° View)

Sight Flow Indicator Full 360º View in Sterile Service

Our Sterile Full-View Sight Flow Indicators features polished stainless steel sanitary clamp connections and are rated up to 150 psi.

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Our Sterile Full-View Indicators feature polished stainless steel sanitary clamp connections are featured in the new Sterile Full-View Sight Indicators, rated up to 150 psi. These competitively priced units use borosilicate glass cylinders and incorporate a number of other standard features that are available only as premium-price options in other lines.

Designed to be mounted in-line in sanitary process piping systems, L.J. Star sterile service sight flow indicators provide operators a full view of the flow of virtually any process pipeline fluid, while imposing minimal additional pressure-drop on the line. Units are available with optional stainless steel mesh shields. Click here to view all of our Flow Indicators.

This L.J. Star product carries Canadian Registration Number (CRN) registration.