Sight Glass Assembly Series MV

Sight Glass – Low Cost Weld Neck Sight Port with Lumiglas®

This sight glass offers easy cleaning and clear field of visibility and can come equipped with an optional light source. Suitable for use in the chemical, pharmaceutical and food industries.

A combination of easy cleaning and a clear field of visibility is provided by this specially constructed sight glass unit. With a butt-weld connection, these Series-MV sight glasses allow the maximum view area in a minimal amount of space. An optional compact light source, type MV-ME, eliminates the added cost of a separate light port. Series-MV ports are particularly suitable for use in the chemical, pharmaceutical, food and beverage industries where frequent simple opening of the sight glass is required. Wipers are also available.

Datasheet - MV Weld Neck Sightglass Fittings

Lumiglas Series MV-SLM

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