Lumistar Sight Glass and Sight Glass Light Combination

Lumistar® Sight/Light Port Combo for Series DIN 28120

The Lumistar Sight/Light Port Combo for Series DIN 28120 delivers intense light through the same sight window used for viewing. Download the datasheet.

The combination sight/light series Lumistar provides intense light while viewing through a series DIN 28120 circular sight window or an SKS hinged sight glass. The light’s design eliminates the added cost of a separate light port. Series DIN 28120 and SKS sight glasses are particularly suitable for use in the pharmaceutical, chemical, and food & beverage industries. Wipers as shown in photo are optional. You will find wipers on the website under Accessories.

Datasheet - Sight Glass Light Combo for DIN 28120

CE Certificate LUMISTAR

Lumistar LED

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