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Process observation is vital the oil and gas industry. Browse L.J. Star’s wide selection of equipment including sight flow indicators.

Sight glasses and sight flow indicators are used widely in corrosive applications such as oil and gas. For example, sight glasses are often installed on tanks in refineries. They are mounted at various levels on a tank along with a light so operators can view the separation point between the water and the oil.

L.J. Star offers sight glasses and sight flow indicators as well as explosion-proof lights, non-ex lights and camera systems. Camera systems are ideal for remote applications that let operators view media from a control room instead of having to climb a steep set of stairs.

Sight flow indicators are mounted on pipe flanges and let operators see particle flow and to verify flow inside a pipe. In sulfur processing, operators use sight flow indicators to ensure the sulfur is flowing properly through the pipes, which indicates that the material is at a constant temperature. This is important because when the sulfur gets cold, it slows down the flow and disrupts the process. Sight flow indicators equipped with steam jackets will ensure the temperature remains at the desired level.

L.J. Star’s METAGLAS® fused sight glasses can handle the higher temperatures and higher pressures of corrosive applications. METAGLAS is a special formulation of borosilicate glass that is more resistant than ordinary glass to chemical corrosion and physical erosion. Because the mounting forces are applied to the metal ring that is fused to the glass, the sight glass can be returned to service after cleaning, unlike traditional glass discs that must be replaced after removal from the assembly.

L.J Star products are made from carbon steel, duplex, 316, or other types of stainless steel. Gaskets are available for compatibility with the process media such as an enhanced polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) material which does not chemically react with gas and oil.

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