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Sight glass for food and beverage industry provide the ability to observe and validate cleaning and draining. See LJ Star’s solutions!

Food and Beverage Solutions

At LJ Star, speaking specifically to food and beverage, all of our equipment is able to meet the current FDA standards. We have been serving the sanitary market for 20+ years helping hundreds of companies meet their process observation requirements effectively and safely.

MetaglasSight glasses and sight flow indicators are important components in food and beverage processing equipment, allowing operators to observe processes inside of vessels and pipes. They are installed on homogenizers, agitators, de-aeration equipment, pasteurization equipment, formulation equipment, blenders, dryers, and brewery and cheese making equipment.

Sight glass for food and beverage are also mounted on equipment such as large mixers. To illuminate the mixer vessel interior, LED sight glass lights may be used because they are resistant to vibration.

Designed for the special concerns of food processing, LJ Star sight glasses and flow indicators use FDA compliant gaskets. To reduce the risk of broken glass in the product, METAGLAS® fused sight glasses use a special combination of glass and metal that provide the strongest sight glasses available.

LJ Star’s sterile products meet ASME-BPE standards for smooth, crevice free surfaces that do not give bacteria a place to hide. All products have electro-polish finish and are suitable for CIP/SIP cleaning. Also, full material traceability to BPE standards is available.

LJ Star sight glass for food and beverage  industry include sight glasses, flow indicators, in-line sight glasses, stainless sanitary fittings, sight glass lighting (luminaires), and camera systems. Optional wiper systems and heated rings provide clear viewing in applications with condensation, frost, or spray.

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