Asceptic Sight Glass Window

Aseptic Sight Glass with Metaglas®

Aseptic Sight Glass with Metaglas for sanitary applications. Provides clear process visibility and unmatched safety with minimal maintenance.

For aseptic and sanitary applications, the new flush-mounted NAconnect sight glass from L.J. Star Incorporated provides clear process visibility and unmatched safety with minimal maintenance requirements. The NAconnect sight glass design eliminates the dead leg created by a standard sanitary ferrule connection, avoiding air pockets and trapped undissolved materials.

These new weld-on sight glasses feature Metaclamp® sanitary safety sight windows which provide a level of safety and a useful service life well beyond that provided by the conventional tempered glass or plastic windows commonly used in aseptic and sanitary service. Also, the MetaClamp window need not be removed during CIP and SIP since it is comprised of corrosion-resistant borosilicate glass and stainless steel, and has a temperature range to 536° F.

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