Weld-on Obround Sight Glass Port

Obround Level Gauge Glass for Sight Indication

The obround weld-on sight glass can be welded into a pipeline or vessel for accurate flow or level indication.

Welded into a vessel or a pipeline, these rugged fittings provide either flow or level indication. They are available in carbon steel, stainless steel and special alloys. Obround visible glass sizes range from 1 to 4″ in width and 6″ to 24″ inches in length, and are suitable for ASME code requirements. Custom designs are also available; inquire with your local representative or L.J. Star expert.

Datasheet - Obround Level Gauge Glass for Sight Indication

Obround IOM

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How to Ensure Sight Glass Safety

How to Select and Maintain Sight Glasses for Chemical and Pharmaceutical Applications