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Rigid Fiber Optic Light for Sight & Light Combo

Rigid Fiber-Optic Light for Sight-and-Light Combo

This fiber-optic light is mounted on a METAGLAS® sight glass and illuminates process vessels through the same port used for viewing. The fiber optic cable is housed in a rigid stainless steel tube, providing durability and more hygienic design.

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The Lumi-View 35™ fiber optic light is a powerful yet compact illumination system for sterile processing equipment providing up to 50 watts of illumination while allowing viewing through the same window. This unique combination sight/light glass incorporates the L.J. Star MetaClamp® system with METAGLAS® safety windows. They can be used to view the interior of either new or existing sterile processing equipment. The new fiber optic illumination system is a compact, easily adaptable unit. The Lumi-View 35 rigid fiber optic light attaches directly to the sight glass which eliminates separate mounting of the light source. The housing is made of 316 stainless steel which is rated NEMA 4X and IP65. An internal transformer allows for a 120 volt power supply (other voltage supplies available). A built-in momentary on/off switch allows easy operator use and extends the bulb life.