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LumiStar® 3000

LumiStar® 3000 is the world’s brightest sight glass luminaire:  LED luminaire is four times brighter than a typical sight glass light, offering an unprecedented view of processes.  Ultra-bright LED provides 3000 lumens at full brightness, four times the light output than a typical 100-Watt halogen light.  The total internal reflection (TIR) lens with 23-degree beam angle, is ideal for vessel illumination through a sight glass with maximum light output and less than 5% loss of light output.  The light is capable of continuous operation and emits cool white, 5500K color temperature, optimized for stainless steel vessels.  The light is designed for cool operation equipped with temperature-based current limiting and automatic dimming; over temperature shutdown.  The LEDs have a long service life and are vibration and impact resistant.  No heat radiation is directed into the process vessel (cold light output).   The housing is available with a mounting bracket (USL16 Light) or a sanitary clamp connection (USL36 Light)

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LED vs Halogen

Original Image Halogen Light
Modified Image LED Light