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Sight glass

Use LJ Star’s sterile sight glass products for pharmaceutical and biotech processes where cleanliness, hygiene and efficient flow are critical.

Production and processing steps are highly variable in the pharmaceutical and biotech industries, depending on the application. However, common factors such as high temperatures and pressure can hinder process observation, an essential practice in many industries to help verify proper procedures and ensure final product quality and consistency.

In addition, the reagents, chemicals and reactions can present thermal hazards to staff as process conditions, mechanical stress, or chemical interactions can prove volatile.

A sight glass observation window allows operators to monitor and record data at the different stages of production. As a result, sight glass windows safeguard employees while also supplying the means to gather critical information required to maintain consistent yield and final product quality.

However, the process observation materials and construction must adhere to ASME/BPE stringent cleanliness standards for pharmaceutical and biotech processing. Cleanliness or hygiene must couple with efficient flow and output. In addition, the glass within the window and components such as clamps and gaskets must meet specifications for:

Traceability. This is a crucial factor, specifically about the sight glass itself. The end user requires verification of the materials used because the incorrect glass type can cause leaching issues. This can harm the process tank and, worse, compromise product batches.

Chemical compatibility. The company supplying the sight glass observation port requires full disclosure by the processing firm for the list or types of chemicals mixed in the process vessel or tank.

Chemical compatibility restrictions can alter the types of materials recommended. For example, the washdown in pharmaceutical applications involves CIP or SIP solutions, which can alter materials in contact with those chemicals. Therefore, any part of the process vessel, including the sight glass window and its components, must be compatible with the cleaning solutions.

Custom Pharmaceutical solutions for unique challenges

Many customers within the pharmaceutical and biotech industries have unique applications with correspondingly special and challenging requirements. In these cases, an off-the-shelf product cannot supply the functionality and lifespan to satisfy specifications. LJ Star works with the appropriate business partners in these cases to engineer a custom solution.

LJ Star offers a variety of products for the life sciences industry to meet processing challenges. For example, our METAGLAS® and MetaClamp® sanitary sight glass window is the No. 1 selling sight glass in the market. Specifically, it meets the USP Type 1 glass standard for pharmaceutical use and supplies a longer service life than alternatives in sanitary situations. In addition, the tri-clamp sight glass holds up under extreme temperatures (up to 536° F) and high-pressure conditions.

For greater visibility, investigate our line of tank lighting and tank cameras. In addition, a selection of explosion-proof rated products supplies protection for highly combustible situations.

LJ Star’s line of sanitary-service bubble traps were designed for chromatography applications, eliminating crevices or corners where bacteria might accumulate. Engineered to remove pockets of air during the critical chromatography processes, our hygienic bubble traps feature a customized and installation-friendly design.

Find out more about our product lines for highly sanitary applications such as pharmaceutical or biotech processing by calling or visiting X on our website.