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L.J. Star offers a broad selection of sight glasses, available with standard delivery times that are typically much shorter than those available for competing products. L.J. Star relies on domestic manufacturing, inventory strength and superior customer service to ensure fast delivery of sight glasses.

Here is a list of sight glass models supplied by other companies for which L.J. Star offers equivalent sight glass products.

Cyclops CR
Cyclops SWHS
Cyclops COR

Inferno CWP

Jacoby-Tarbox 5200-CYL (150 psig)
Jacoby-Tarbox 5200-PVQ-CYL
Jacoby-Tarbox 5005-DW
Jacoby-Tarbox 5200-SPH
Jacoby-Tarbox 5200-PVQ-SPH
Jacoby-Tarbox W-5000
Jacoby-Tarbox S-5100 (female)
Jacoby-Tarbox 5300

Papailias NW
Papailias LW
Papailias SV
Papailias SVI
Papailias NW-RF
Papailias QSG
Papailias LQSG
Papailias NW-R
Papailias MW-BW
Papailias MW-FT (female)
Papailias RS-OB

Penberthy WP
Penberthy WF
Penberthy WPR
Penberthy WS
Penberthy WW
Penberthy WTM (male)
Penberthy WTF (female)
Penberthy WFW

Penberthy RMW
Penberthy TMW
Penberthy WPO
Penberthy WPOR

OPW 1300

Pressure Products L Weld
Pressure Products A Flange
Pressure Products Hinged Sight Glass
Pressure Products Weld Pad Gauge

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