METAGLAS® Sight Glass Discs for Wiper

Metaglas® Sight Glass Disc, Type 73 SW

Sight glass disc with wiper for DIN 28120 and other weld- type sight glass assemblies.

Metaglas is the strongest sight glass available.

    • Mounting: Weld-on DIN28120 or similar assembly
    • Glass: Borosilicate to DIN7080
    • Metal: Carbon, Stainless Steel or Hastelloy
    • Up to 572° F
    • Up to 900 psi
    • Ratings and approvals: PED, DIN7079, TÜV
    • Sizes: 1 to 5 inches (view)
    • Sizes: XX to XX inches.

Datasheet - Metaglas ® Sight Glass Disc with Wiper Type 73

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Installation / Operation / Maintenance Manual

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