Fiber-optic sight glass light and sight glass for high intensity

Fiber Optic Light for High Intensity Sight and Light Combo

This combo of a fiber optic light and sight window is a great solution where space is limited. Download the datasheet for more information.

A powerful yet compact illumination system for sterile processing equipment provides up to 150 watts of adjustable illumination while allowing viewing through the same window. These unique combination units incorporate the MetaClamp™  system with Metaglas® safety windows. They can be used to view the interior of either new or existing sterile processing equipment.

The illumination modules can also be used separately, mounted on any existing view port or other L.J. Star sight windows, providing adjustable illumination where limited space or connections make the use of conventional luminaires difficult.

Datasheet - Sanitary Fiber Optic Sight Glass Light Combo

Installation / Operation / Maintenance Manual

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