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Heated Sight Glass MetaClamp® For Fog-free Viewing

Heated Sight Glass MetaClamp® for Fog-Free Viewing is non-intrusive and only requires a 24 volt supply with either a temp controller or timer.

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The popular MetaClamp® is now available with a fog/condensate free option. A built in heater keeps the temperature of the sight glass above the point where condensation and fog can form on the inside and outside of the sight glass (similar to a defogger on the back window of a car). Heating element requires a 24 Volt supply with either a temperature controller or timer to regulate the heat. Thermocouple is included. Described as offering the optics of glass and the strength of steel, METAGLAS® provides a level of safety, and a useful service life, well beyond that provided by conventional tempered glass or plastic in sanitary service. Even at the most extreme temperatures (as high as 536° F) or in overpressure situations, sudden, total failure – that involving leakage or explosive shattering of the glass – essentially never occurs.

This L.J. Star product carries Canadian Registration Number (CRN) registration.