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Problem-Solving Process Engineering Challenges with LJ Star

Architectural and engineering (A/E) firms working on designing, planning, and implementing industrial manufacturing facilities have millions of dollars at stake and thousands of details in flux at any given moment. Therefore, two criteria clients use to select and evaluate an A/E firm are creativity and the team’s problem-solving ability.

Calling on outside experts with specialized knowledge can facilitate the problem-solving exercise. For example, regarding common processing challenges outside the scope of ordinary A/E design work, architects and engineers can rely on professionals at firms like LJ Star, an acknowledged industry leader for process observation systems and equipment.

A new way to think about process observation

The team of engineers at LJ Star brings a specialized focus on process observation across multiple industries. For example, pharmaceutical applications can have some commonalities with food and beverage and oil and gas with chemical processing. Technological advances, combined with this cross-industry expertise, help supply innovative solutions for situations where an observation window might not have been a practical possibility.

In addition, the combination of in-depth industry knowledge and a specialized focus on process observation help supply innovative solutions for applications where formerly, observation windows might not have been a practical possibility. Various options and equipment are available for high temperature, high pressure and caustic conditions.

In addition, it combines in-depth industry knowledge and a specialized focus on process observation to help supply innovative solutions for applications where formerly, observation windows might not have been a practical possibility. Technological advances have opened the potential and lowered the pricing structure for some elements, such as camera installations. As technology rapidly advances, A/E might need to know various options for high temperature, high pressure and caustic conditions.

For example, some firms write off the idea of process observation with the knowledge that standard glass is limited to temperatures under 500° F. However, LJ Star can offer alternatives such as quartz glass, sapphire, polycarbonates, acrylics or other specialty products that expand the use and implementation of process observation.

Various materials for clamps, gaskets and other hardware and equipment can pair up with glass alternatives to provide a solution that fits the most harsh and challenging applications.

Early collaboration ensures the best results

Involving the engineers at LJ Star during the design process helps create a system best suited to the applications and products in production. LJ Star can offer a set of strengths unique in the industry.

A customized approach—LJ Star is not a catalog shop. Most of the work we fabricate on behalf of customers takes a personalized approach to fit project specifications rather than trying to force a project to conform to a minimal set of options.

A transparent supply chain—We offer complete traceability or can demonstrate verification of all the materials involved in a system build, from the type of glass selected for the window to the clamps, gaskets and other equipment. This is particularly important in industries where leaching might be an issue and compromise product batches.

In-house engineering—Our staff of engineers offers decades of experience across multiple industries, but always with a focus on optimizing process observation for performance, functionality and overall desired lifespan. Our staff provides technical and product support, from material selection to technical drawings and plans.

Availability—LJ Star works with companies around the globe, and when you require assistance on a project, our engineers are available. We emphasize customer service and work on building customer relationships as much as we build observation systems.

Breadth of industry experience—The various industrial applications and markets where LJ Star supplies equipment allows knowledge transfer between these industries.

Confidentiality—Although the fact process observation crosses industry types and companies, LJ Star maintains confidentiality for its customers. Proprietary processes and procedures remain that way. Yet common benefits across the business spectrum from LJ Star’s efforts include greater plant safety, confidence in batch integrity and the ability to avoid downtime and wasted revenue.

Wide variety of resources for process observation

LJ Star offers a variety of material types for windows and process observation ports overall. Our METAGLAS® and MetaClamp® sanitary sight glass window is the most secure sight glass observation port available.

Tank lighting and tank cameras help increase process visibility and are available in explosion-proof designs that supply protection in operations with the potential to combust.

For greater visibility, investigate our line of tank lighting and tank cameras. In addition, a selection of explosion-proof rate products supplies protection for highly combustible situations.

Find out more about our complete product lines by visiting www.ljstar.com or give us a call to collaborate with our engineering team on your next project.