ELS 25 EX high resolution process vessel camera

Lumiglas® Stainless Mini-Ex Light Series ESL 25-Ex

The Lumiglas® Series ESL 25-Ex is a mini light that delivers high-intensity explosion-proof lighting for hazardous locations. Ideal for tight spaces. It has a stainless steel housing.

Safe high-intensity illumination for sight glasses, ports, or general applications in hazardous (classified) locations. For specific-area illumination or the illumination of sight glasses or Visual Flow Indicators, the Lumiglas Model USL08-Ex lights are UL approved for Class 1, Division 1 and 2, Groups C and D applications. These sturdy, compact lights are now available in 35-watt, 50-watt or 100-watt versions. On sight glasses 6″ and larger, the USL08-Ex Luminaire provides combination illumination and glare-free viewing. View the circular sight glass fitting weld-on styles Series DIN28120 or ANSI flange bolt-on types to find a configuration to suit your needs.

Installation Instructions ESL25-EX

Datasheet - Stainless Sight Glass Explosion Proof Lights

CE Certificate ESL25-EX

Atex Certificate ESL25-EX

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Understanding and Specifying Sight Glass Lighting

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A UV Sight Glass Light Optimizes your Process Vessel Inspection