Series 08LF-EX Fiber-Optic Sight Glass Light and Sight Glass Combination

Fiber-Optic Sight-Glass and Light Combo – Lumiglas® Lumiflex 08LF-Ex

The Lumiglas Lumiflex fiber-optic sight glass and light combo allows the light source to be placed up to  five feet away from the sight glass via a flexible cable. It is rated for use in explosive environments.

The Lumiglas Lumiflex is a fiber-optic-light and sight-glass combo. It allows the light source to be placed between 1-1/2 and 5 fee., or even more, away from the actual sightglass. It is UL 1598 & 844 Listed for Class I, Div 1 & 2, Groups C & D, making it suitable for use in explosive atmosphere environments. Its design is ideal for situations where vessel space is limited because the fiber optic cable has a diameter of only 15mm (0.6”) which easily allows for viewing and lighting through a single sight glass. It also offers the possibility to place the light source away from vibration or in more accessible locations for routine maintenance.

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