TCI Sanitary Clamp

TCI Clampconnect™ Eliminates Dead Leg with Sanitary Connection

The TCI ClampConnect™ eliminates dead space in a standard ferrule. This sanitary clamp fitting can be used with a variety of biotech and pharmaceutical processes.

The new TCI ClampConnect™ virtually eliminates the dead space associated with a standard ferrule. Using a standard sanitary clamp connection, the TCI ClampConnect can be used with sight glasses, lights, instrumentation, rupture discs in pharmaceutical and biotech processes. This new patent pending clamp design eliminates the need for tools by using a standard sanitary clamp and gasket for assembly. Unlike other designs, there are no acorn nuts or studs that can be lost or cross threaded. TCI ClampConnects come standard with 25 Ra. Finish. Each is constructed of ASME materials, including 316/316L stainless steel and other nickel alloys. Sizes range from ½” though 8” and are designed for up to 100 PSIG @ 400º F, depending on size and gasket material. The TCI ClampConnect is part of L.J. Star’s complete line of process observation equipment that helps engineers achieve safe and hygienic observation of tank processes, liquid level and liquid flow.

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