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Lumiglas® Ex Light Series USL 06-EX

The Lumiglas® Series USL 06-Ex is a compact light in a cost-effective aluminum housing. It is a great replacement for bulkier explosion-proof lighting for sightglasses. Download the datasheet.

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LED vs Halogen

Original Image Halogen Light
Modified Image LED Light

Rated EEx d, de…, IIC T3… T4 for all explosion classes, the USL06-Ex Luminaire is an apt replacement for much bulkier explosion-proof light sources for sightglasses and ports 3 inches or larger. It can be configured for integral light/sight glasses in its single-port version, or for separate light and sight glasses in a dual-port version. Possible configurations include circular sight glass fitting weld-on styles Series DIN28120 , ANSI flange bolt-on types, and with visual flow indicators .

The USL06-Ex lights are Cenelec approved for Class IIc for Zones 1 & 2 (all explosion classes) and are dust and waterjet proof to IP 65, EN 60598 and NEMA type 4. It can be used in virtually any hazardous area and is suitable for food processing. Housing measures only 6.6″ long by 4.4″ diameter. Halogen lamps rated to 50 watts are accommodated by both AC and DC voltage.