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Hygienic Gaskets, Series Bio-LOK™

Hygienic Gaskets Resists CIP/SIP and Avoids Intrusion

These new non-elastomeric sanitary gaskets are virtually immune to degradation by commonly used CIP/SIP chemicals. Learn what makes L.J. Star’s Hygienic Gaskets different!

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The new non-elastomeric sanitary-design gaskets now available from L.J. Star Inc., Garlock GYLON BIO-LOK™ gaskets, are based on proprietary GYLON modified PTFE technology and are compatible with a wide variety of chemicals and processing applications.

In service, they are virtually immune to degradation by most commonly used CIP/SIP chemicals. Because they are highly resistant to elastomeric deformation, they eliminate the need for retightening under working conditions – a common problem with other gaskets. Perhaps more importantly, Garlock GYLON BIO-LOK™ gaskets will not deform into the process flow stream creating areas where harmful bacteria can accumulate.

Additionally, the new seals conform to key FDA regulations for materials and USP Class VI. They are available in 31 sizes ranging from ½-inch to 4-inches and ID/OD dimensions, and they meet the specifications of DIN, ISO, BS, ASME-BPE, ISO and SMS.

Key physical specifications include process temperatures ranging from 5°C to 180°C (41°F to 356°F) and a max pressure of 55 bar (800 psig), achieved without needing to retighten the clamp to hold the seal. The GYLON modified PTFE material’s flange gasket’s pressure rating thus exceeds the typical pressure used in hygienic clamp fittings. They offer a long shelf life with production date code traceability and they simplify inventory maintenance with one gasket serving equally well for various applications.

These new seals are suitable for use in a wide variety of hygienic applications, including pharmaceutical, bio-pharmaceuticalfood and beverage and personal care products.