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Posted on November 09, 2021 by LJ Star in Blog

LJ Star Sight Flow Indicators for industrial applications are the most common flow indicators style that enables visual observation of process flow through a pair of sight glasses mounted on a carbon steel body.

They are commonly used in industries that require a tool to monitor the speed and quality of liquid, gaseous products, or raw materials such as Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Food and Beverage, Agriculture, Marine and Industrial. With LJ Star Incorporated, you can be assured of high-quality industry-proven products that guarantee long-lasting use at an affordable cost.

What is a Flanged Sight Flow indicator?

A sight flow indicator is a body with one or more viewing windows, usually with gaskets, and a way to mount the indicator to the pipeline, such as flanged, threaded, or sanitary clamp connection. Flanged industrial sight flow indicators are often used in industrial applications between the API valve and tanker piping, allowing the operator to see fuel flow to or from tank.

Posted on November 01, 2021 by LJ Star in Blog

LJ Star offers a full line of sight flow indicators to fit any processing application.

What is a Sight Flow Indicator?

A sight flow indicator is a tool used in a variety of processing plants to safely inspect the process material.  When installed in process pipelines, sight flow indicators allow visual observation of the direction and rate of flow of liquid, powder, or gas process media, as well as the media’s color and clarity, through one or more observation windows. They consist of a glass column or two opposing windows with a means to mount the device to a pipeline.

What is a Sight Flow Indicator Used For?

The sight flow indicator is used for visual inspection by a human operator in a processing plant. Process fluids must be regularly inspected for characteristics such as clarity, color and foam or to confirm that there is proper flow in the pipeline.  Sight flow indicators are also used to visually confirm conditions reported by instrumentation and to provide a backup in case of instrument failure or a power outage.

Posted on October 26, 2021 by LJ Star in Blog

Explosion-proof process lighting solutions for industrial applications allow illumination in hazardous facility areas. Also referred to as EX lights, explosion-proof lights are suitable for illuminating processes in hazardous locations where combustible gases or vapors may be present, such as a critical processing line, pipeline, or vessel.

Plant managers know that you can’t control what you can’t see. That’s why sight glasses are installed throughout a system so that you can view what’s going on inside… but that isn’t enough. Without proper lighting, the interiors of your processing lines, vessels, and pipelines are often too dark for your operators to view critical process stages through a sight glass. Flashlights or other portable lights simply cannot provide sufficient lighting, and will often cause a glare to appear on the surface of the sight glass, making your visual inspections very difficult.

Posted on October 19, 2021 by LJ Star in Blog

LJ Star’s weld-on and magnetic level gauges provide safe and accurate sight indication of fluid levels in a tank, process vessel or boiler.

What is a Liquid Level Gauge?

Liquid level gauges are industrial meters that are used to determine the level of a liquid in a process tank. Liquid level gauge calibration is used to ensure proper readings are obtained when using level gauges.

How Does a Magnetic Liquid Level Gauge Work?

Magnetic level gauges use magnetism to link the indicator in a gauge to a float inside of a vessel in order to accurately show the level of fluid within. As the position of the float changes, the indicator moves up or down by the same amount, meaning that the level in the measuring chamber will always be the same as the fluid level in the vessel itself.

Posted on February 09, 2021 by LJ Star in Blog

Are you working in a highly explosive environment? Even the most demanding applications still require reliable process monitoring in order to keep operations safe and compliant. Without high-quality process viewing equipment, you could be putting your workers and products at risk.

Posted on December 01, 2020 by LJ Star in Blog

As part of the company’s vision for the future, executives recognized that LJ Star had markedly changed from its historical beginnings in the market. LJ Star began in 1991 as a single-product distributor and has expanded its portfolio to become a multi-solution manufacturer of its own products, requiring that it change how it was positioned.

Posted on April 04, 2019 by LJ Star in Blog

Join us in the Rocky Mountain State April 8- 11th for the Craft Brewer’s Conference, the number one showplace in North America for concentrated, affordable brewing education and idea sharing to improve brewery quality and performance.

Posted on April 01, 2019 by LJ Star in Blog

We’ll see all the sights and take in a show… INTERPHEX is the premier pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and device development and manufacturing event where you can “Experience Science through Commercialization.”

Join over 11,000 global industry professionals and 650+ leading suppliers, including L.J. Star, for demonstrations, and networking events to leverage quality, efficiency and cost effectiveness in today’s ever-changing pharma market.

Posted on October 12, 2018 by LJ Star in Blog

Keeping a Firm Grip on Sanitary Clamp Safety

For pharmaceutical and biotech companies, maintaining sterile process control is an ever-increasing challenge – one that can lead to cross-contamination, short term loss of product, long term drug shortages, lawsuits and even loss of life should sterile process be breached.