MetaClamp® LED Ring Light Series SGL

The new MetaClamp® LED Ring Light Series SGL is a powerful yet compact illumination system for sanitary processing equipment providing illumination and viewing through the same window.

This unique combination sight/light glass incorporates the L.J. Star MetaClamp® system with METAGLAS® safety windows. They can be used to view the interior of either new or existing sanitary processing equipment.

Unlike other solutions that used separate viewing and fiber optic light assemblies, this innovative and compact design mounts directly onto sanitary ferrules for use in combined sight and light ports (single port). The design is both less expensive and more durable for industrial settings, since it uses fewer sub-assembly components.

METAGLAS® safety windows with the MetaClamp® sanitary connection provide the strongest, most secure sanitary viewing option available. Essentially immune to catastrophic failure, these windows are comprised of stainless steel and borosilicate glass, fused together to create a window so uniformly compressed it tolerates both extreme pressure and temperature, serving reliably for years in applications where conventional soda lime or BoroPlus windows fail repeatedly.

Three sizes of the SGL Light attach directly to either a 2-1/2”, 3”, 4”, 6” or 8” MetaClamp® view port, which eliminates separate mounting of the light source. The polished housing is made of 316 stainless steel, which carries NEMA 4X and IP68 ratings.


Key Applications:

Pharmaceutical, biotech, brewery and food processing industries. Used for illuminating bioreactors, mixers, brew kettles, filters and the interior of tanks, hoppers, silos, agitators, separators, pipelines and other, usually closed, containers in non-hazardous areas.

Product Specifications:

SGL LED Technology:

  • Ultra-bright LEDs provide up to 399 lumens, equal to a typical 80-Watt halogen light
  • Capable of continuous operation
  • Cool white, 5000K color temperature, optimized for stainless steel vessels
  • LEDs have long service life and are vibration and impact resistant
  • No heat radiation into process vessel (cold light output)

Protection & Operating Conditions:

    • Dust and waterjet tight to NEMA 4 & 4X and IP68
    • Approved for use in ambient temperatures from 0°C up to +50°C at the cable entry gland.

Electrical Data:

Operating voltage is 24VDC (+-10%) with continuous current of 10mA. The light is equipped with a 4-pin M8 connector and supplied with a 10-meter power cable (other lengths available). Cable also available with compact 3-minute timer and switch.

Electropolishing available.

What is Explosion-Proof Process Lighting?

Explosion-Proof Process Light
Explosion-proof process lighting solutions for industrial applications allow illumination in hazardous facility areas. Also referred to as EX lights, explosion-proof lights are suitable for illuminating processes in hazardous locations where combustible gases or vapors may be present, such as a critical processing line, pipeline, or a vessel.

L.J. Star Sheds Light on a Common Issue for Breweries

Beer is one of the oldest and the most largely consumed alcoholic beverages in the world.  This all-time favorite brew has been a staple at sporting events, social gatherings, and family barbecues for generations.  During the past few years, craft beers have created quite a buzz among younger consumers seeking a more unique palette than their parents’ traditional beer.  Craft breweries have experienced unprecedented growth by bringing an almost endless variety of beer styles to the market.  In fact, the overall global beer market is expected to reach $685 billion by 2025.

Will My Sight Glass Corrode?

Will My Sight Glass Corrode?

While inherently resistant to corrosion, sight glasses can begin to corrode under the right circumstances, particularly if the wrong material is spec’d for the application. If a sight glass happens to corrode, it becomes increasingly vulnerable to sight glass failure. When glass fails, it is often sudden and catastrophic, damaging your system, putting workers at risk, and causing unplanned downtime. That’s why it’s important to understand the dangers of sight glass corrosion and failure so that you can adequately prepare for them… and avoid a costly disaster.

What Is The Purpose Of A Sight Glass?

What Is The Purpose Of A Sight Glass

The purpose of a sight glass is to allow plant managers and engineers to look inside of their systems without disrupting the environment within. Often referred to as viewing glasses, they offer you a way to see the levels of liquids or gases that are traveling through a critical point of your design, monitor pressure changes, and virtually anything else that sight glass windows could allow you to do. With their widespread use, sight glasses have become critical to operations such as steam pipelines, chemical processing, pharmaceutical processing, and food processing.

What is a Sight Flow Indicator?

What is a sight flow indicator?

A sight flow indicator provides a window into a process pipeline that allows operators a visual means of verifying liquid flow and flow direction. Simple and low-cost, it also allows operators to observe the color, clarity, consistency, viscosity and other characteristics of process fluids.

The basic description of a sight flow indicator is a glass column or two opposing windows with a means to mount the device to a pipeline.  Bodies or heads in a tubular style are usually constructed out of a specific metal. Windows are made from special glass discs in a gasketed assembly, glass windows fused in a metal frame, or tubular glass. Occasionally polymer windows are used.

How Does a Sight Flow Indicator Work?

How does a sight flow indicator work?

A sight flow indicator gives the operator a window to observe how a process fluid moves through the pipeline.

At a basic level, how a sight flow indicator works is simple: just look through the window to observe the flow in a pipeline. Actually, there are complexities in the many types of indication and construction of the equipment. Each style of indicator works a little differently.

2019 Flow Control Innovation Awards Nominee

Vote for LumiFlo®!

Image:  LumiFlo Product Image

We’re so excited to announce that the LumiFlo® LED light has been nominated for a 2019 Flow Control Innovation Award.

TheLumiFlo LED Light is a first-to-market, exclusive patent pending LJ Star product that is designed to improve the lighting of full view sight flow indicators in process fluid lines.  It easily attaches to most inline full view sight flow indicators in process fluid lines, allowing operators to clearly see color, flow and particles moving through the sight glass in order to visually inspect product quality, clarity, viscosity and consistency.