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LumiStar 1000

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LumiStar 1000 is the world’s brightest compact sight glass luminaire; it is two times brighter than a typical sight glass light, offering an unprecedented view of processes. Ultra-bright LED provides 1000 lumens at full brightness, two times the light output than a typical 100-Watt halogen light. With operating voltage: low voltage: 12-24V AC or DC, high voltage: 110-240V AC. The total internal reflection (TIR) lens with 23-degree beam angle, is ideal for vessel illumination through a sight glass with maximum light output and less than 5% loss of light output. The light is capable of continuous operation and emits cool white, 5500K color temperature, optimized for stainless steel vessels.

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  • Twice as Bright – The LumiStar 1000 light uses advanced LED technology to illuminate tanks with twice the brightness of typical 100-watt halogen bulbs.
  • Easy Installation – Easily mounts next to a sight glass via a bracket or over the sight glass via a fitting (for a light port). It’s practically plug-and-play!
  • Made for Nearly Any Tank Application – Effortlessly illuminates brew kettles, bioreactors, mixers, filters and the interior of tanks, hoppers, silos, agitators, separators, pipelines and other – usually closed – process vessels in non-hazardous areas.
  • Low Heat Output – The LumiStar 1000 uses LED technology that produces less heat than standard halogen bulbs, and will not transfer heat to the process media in your tank or reaction vessel.
  • Operates the Way You Need – With the most versatile programming on the market, the LumiStar 1000 light was engineered with three modes of operation: flashlight mode (momentary), timed mode, and dimmer mode. The LumiStar 1000 can be programmed to operate for any job!

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Weight 32 oz
Dimensions 2.125 × 2.125 × 4.5 in