Low-pressure bolt-on sight glass

Lumiglas® Low Pressure Weld-On Sight Glass

Weld-on sight glass for low pressure, low profile applications. This unit can be combined with luminaires and can be used in hazardous areas.

These weld-type sight glass fittings, complete with glass disc, seal gasket, and cushion gasket bolted between circular flanges, is the low-pressure version of the DIN28120. The units can be combined with Lumiglas luminaires, such as the USL05-Ex, USL06-Ex, USL07-Ex or USL08-Ex , for use in hazardous areas. Under all normal working conditions, light options include USL01 , USL13 , USL15 , USL05 , USL06 , or USL07 . For an integral light/sight glass, combine the low pressure unit and LumiStar light. Options include sight glass wipers type SW I .

Datasheet - Weld-On Sightglass Lumiglas

Installation Manual - Models DIN 28120 and Low Pressure

Installation Manual Models DIN 28120 and Low Pressure (Spanish)

Important Guidelines

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