SKS Hinged Sight Glass Assembly

Hinged Sight Glass – Lumiglas® View/Light Combo Series SKS

With a quick release closure, the SKS hinged sight glass offers a combination of charge/access port and light/sight glass.
SKS/ESKS integral light/sight glass units have a quick release closure, so that they are a combination of charge/access port and light/sightglass. The integrated luminaire illuminates the internal of boilers, tanks, bunkers, silos, mixers and other vessels in all non hazardous areas. SKS type sight glass ports are of the same design, except they have no luminaire. Both types are suitable for food processing. Usually these units come with a weld flange, but for flat vessel walls they can also be installed with a bolt-on flange.

Datasheet - Hinged Sight Glass Light Access Port

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