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Stainless Sanitary Fittings, Sanitary Clamp Fittings | L.J. Star Incorporated


Stainless sanitary fittings from L.J. Star, including ports, sanitary clamp fittings, mounts and indicators, are made specifically for industries where joint cleanliness, hygiene and efficient material flow are critically important.

Sanitary clamp fittings and supplies are made specifically for the pharmaceutical and biotech industries where joint cleanliness and efficient material flow are of paramount importance. Compared to common pipe flange connections, stainless sanitary fittings provide lower costs, quicker access, and easier cleaning.

Sight Glasses from L. J. Star are designed to provide a safe and dependable system for observing your process flow in high purity applications. They feature an internal-flush style that meets FDA and 3-A specifications and can be mounted to detect flow in any direction. Standard Sterile Visual Flow Indicators utilize sanitary clamp fittings. They are available in tube sizes from 1/2” to 4” and pressure ratings up to 150 psig. Optional butt weld or flange process connections are available upon request. Sanitary products we supply include:

Sterile View-Through Flow Indicator for Hygienic Applications

Sterile Full-View Flow Indicator for Hygienic Applications

Metaglas® Sanitary Inline Sight Glass with MetaClamp®

Metaglas Sanitary Sight Window Series MetaClamp

Metaglas Aseptic Sight Glass Series NA Flush Mount

Metaglas Aseptic Two Piece Sight Glass Series NA.99

Sanitary Light Port with MetaClamp Series USL 33 & 35.

Lumiglas® Sanitary Mini-Ex Light Series USL 05-EX

Lumiglas Low-Cost Weld-Neck Sight Port Series MV

Series MV-ME Stainless View / Light Combo for Sight Glass

Fiber Optic Light for High Intensity Sight & Light Combo

Sanitary Light Port for Large Vessels Series ESL 39

Metaglas Sanitary MetaClamp Hinged Sight / Access Port