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Borosilicate Sight Glass for Sight Windows | L.J. Star Incorporated


Sight glass failures are a major concern for both engineering and management personnel in many industrial processing facilities. These failures disrupt production, waste valuable process fluids, require significant cleanup and repair, and most importantly, risk worker safety and security.

Many of L.J. Star’s products feature Metaglas® the strongest and most secure borosilicate sight glass for sight window and visual flow indicator applications. Manufactured to DIN 7079, Metaglas is produced to the highest safety glass standard in the industry. Applications best suited for Metaglas include chemical, pharmaceutical, food processing, offshore drilling, and more.

Mechanically prestressed Metaglas windows and sight glasses are constructed of borosilicate glass fused with a dimensionally adapted metal frame-ring, providing an alternative to conventionally annealed or thermally prestressed (tempered) sight glass discs.

Providing the optics of glass with the strength of steel, Metaglas mitigates the possibility of a sudden, unexpected rupture, and any crack that might develop, at worst, may slightly affect visibility. In addition to the unsurpassed pressure and impact resistance, the metal frame provides rigidity to prevent breakage in the event of uneven bolt tightening during installation.

Metaglas products have been tested and approved by safety testing departments of several major chemical and other companies under a variety of conditions, most exceeding those normally encountered in practice. With years of process observation expertise, L.J. Star can determine processes that require the unsurpassed strength of Metaglas.

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